Christos Barbas is a producer and director, experienced in managing human resources and with having a deep knowledge of new technologies.

He was born and raised in Greece. In 1978 he moved to Paris where he studied Cinema and Communications at the Sorbonne University. He worked as a Professor assistant at the D.E.R.C.A.V. (Paris III) and he later taught at the school of audiovisual media E.S.R.A. in Paris. He was also a special collaborator and director for the C.N.R.S. (Le  Centre national de la recherche scientifique)  and the I.R.H.T. (L’Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes).

He has worked at ΑΝΤ2 for the television series “Etoiles et Toiles” and took over the production of the events for the cosmetics company CHANEL.

He returned to Greece in 1993 and took over the setting up and organisation of the television channel “West Channel” of Western Macedonia. He taught at the cinematography school “Parallaxis”, while at the same time worked as a communications consultant in companies, organizations and with local government and political personalities.

He has directed and produced television shows with artistic, musical as well as cultural and scientific subjects.

He has worked in cooperation with the French Institute of Athens and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople for the Ecological Symposia of the Baltic Sea and the Amazon.

He has produced audio-visual content for the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion, the Ministry of Culture and Sport as well as for scientific institutions, such as Democritus, the Institute of Technology and Computers and the Athens Observatory.

He has also directed the culture show “Pandemonium” (ERT), the television programme  “ελ”(NET) as well as the television series of music documentaries “Musicians of the World” (ERT).

He is the director and producer of the TV show “Remarkable Greeks” (ERT).